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Meeting at the airport or at the railway-station delivery to the hotelTransfer Odessa, Ukraine

      Ukraine. Odessa Hotels Reservation Service offers transfer, including: meetings at the airport or at the railway-station, delivery and assistance in accommodation at the hotel or the recreation centre chosen as well as the rent of the motor-car with the driver.

         Enquiry for the arrangement of the transfer You may deliver through the Internet in the regime on-line while reserving the hotel - just place the appropriate mark in the enquiry-form, or you may send the enquiry  by fax +38 (048) 703-70-58 in Odessa.

      Our company accept also enquiries for the arrangement of V.I.P. meetings at the airport and the delivery to the hotel by the motor-cars of the representative class.

Table of the prices for the transfers and for the rent of the motor-cars with driver, USD

Odessa Airport

see foto

Lexus RX 300
see foto
Minivan Mercedes Vito
7 pax
see foto
Micro-bus Mercedes Sprinter
see foto
Mercedes-600 W140
see foto
Mercedes-600 W220
see foto
Bus Neoplan 117
50 places with air-conditioner
see foto
Any hotel in the city 35 50 50 55 70 90 200
Illychevsk, Chabanka, Kuyalnik 45 70 80 80 110 120 250
Karolino-Bugaz, Zatoka, Koblevo 60 80 110 110 150 160 300
Hourly rent,
per 1 Hour
20 40 30 30 40 55 50



the price for the transfer includes :

  • Meeting at the airport, railway-station or by the tourist's address
    (with the table of the company or the surname of the tourist)
  • Providing the guests with the transport with the driver
  • Non-restricted time of the arrival of the plane or the train
  • The expectation of the tourists during one hour and a half at the airport after the landing of the plane
  • The expectation of the tourists during an hour at the railway-station after the train's arrival
  • Payment for the parking
  • Guaranteed delivery of the tourists to the point of destination and the assistance during the settlement.

      You may pay for the transfer only, while all the rest expences (including the paid parking) are paid by our company, besides there is not any time limits for the accomplishment of the transfer.
This means the accomplishment of the transfer even in case of the prolongation of your rest for some more days (provided your notification of our dispatcher beforehand) or in case of the delay of the plane for the indefinite period of time.

      The services of the VIP hall of the airport in Odessa. Modern, cosy and   comfortable hall, separate passport control, customs-office, micro-bus straight to the plane's ladder.

      The price for the services, offered by VIP hall at Odessa Airport makes USD 175 per a person for the arrival as well as for the departure.


* The prices in the given table are indicated for the motor-car, not depending upon the number of the persons, but remember the fact that provided you are accompanied by our guide, or there are four of you, or finally you carry much luggage it is worth while reserving the micro-bus.

* Booking service is free of charge.


Tariff for the rent of the car without driver  here==>


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