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Odessa Hotels on map:

1. Otrada Hotel 5*
2. Londonskaya Hotel 4*
3. Stella Residence ex. Maristella Club
54. Maristella Marine Residence
4. London Hotel 4*
5. Mozart Hotel 4*
6. Morskoy Hotel 4*
7. Arcadia Plaza Hotel 4*
8. Continental Hotel 4*
9. Grand Pettine Hotel 3*
10. Palladium Hotel 4*
11. California Hotel 4*
12. Palas Del Mar Hotel 5*
13. Olimp Club Hotel
14. Black Sea Rishelevskaya Hotel 4*
15. Ayvazovsky Hotel 3*
16. Lermontovskiy Hotel
17. Black Sea Privoz Hotel
18. Odeskiy Dvorik Hotel
19. Nemo Hotel 5*
20. Yunost Hotel 3*
21. Frapolli Hotel 4*
22. Passage Hotel 2*
23. Centralnaya Hotel 2*
24. Kurortnyi Hotel 3*
25. Black Sea Otrada Hotel
26. Grand Marine SPA Hotel
27. La Gioconda Hotel
28. Bristol Hotel
29. Black Sea Bugaz Hotel
30. Promenada Hotel
31. Frederik Koklen Hotel
33. Alexandrovskiy Hotel
34. Oktyabrskaya Hotel 3*
35. Villa le Premier
37. Volna Beach-Hotel
38. Vele Rosso Hotel
39. Continental-II Mini-Hotel
40. Ark Palace Apartments
41. Mirniy Hotel 3*
42. Hotel OK-Odessa
43. Black Sea Park Shevchenko
44. Atlantic Hotel
45. Metro Hotel Apartments
46. Palais Royal Hotel on map
47. Gagarinn Hotel 4* Odessa on map
48. Health Resort Chabanka
49. Health Resort Sovinyon
50. Snow Queen Hotel Ilyichevsk
52. Duke Hotel Odessa
53. Panorama DeLuxe 5*
55. Alarus Hotel 4*
56. Arcadia Hotel 3*
57. Sanatorium White Acacia
58. Vintage French Boulevard Hotel
59. Marlin Hotel 4*

Sights & Monuments
on Odessa map:

1. Odessa Opera Theater
2. Odessa Potemkin stairs
3. Monument to Ekaterina II
4. Spaso-Preobrazhensky Cathedral
5. Odessa City Garden
6. The Monument To The Unknown Soldier
7. House with Telamons
8. Shah's Palace
9. Monument to Joseph de Ribas
10.Privoz Market
11.Odessa Film Studio
12.Odessa Railway Station

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